About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to make it convenient and easy for everyone to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. In support of our mission, we use raw, healthy and organic ingredients. Additionally, we provide nutrition and health information so individuals can self-educate and make their own decision on what a healthy and happy lifestyle means to them.

Our Story

As the founders, we are lifelong athletes that believe physical and mental health are the cornerstones to a long and happy life.  But as life got busier and priorities got shuffled, it seemed inconvenient and even stressful to eat properly.  As a result, we saw our overall wellbeing start to decline.  Unfortunately, there were very few options for us to conveniently and easily maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We created PurePressed to provide everyone with the ability to conveniently and easily maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Spread the happiness. Live Pure.

Cold-Pressed Process

All of our juices contain 2-5 pounds of fruits and vegetables and are made fresh daily using our custom cold-press juicer.  Our juicer uses a hydraulic press to slowly squeeze every drop out of fruits and vegetables.  The Best Part – the cold-pressed process does not heat or oxidize the juice which preserves all the raw plants easily digestible vitamins, proteins, nutrients, and enzymes!  Cold-Pressed Juice is the closest thing to eating raw fruits and vegetables.


In order to fulfill our goal of making it convenient and easy to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, we provide our customers with several different delivery options:

  • Overnight Cleanse Delivery;
  • Monthly Subscriptions; and
  • Local Lunch Delivery.